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WRFU Join Forces with ETCO to Aid Player Personal Development

Wellington Rugby Football Union have joined forces with ETCO [The Electrical Training Company], New Zealand’s leading provider of electrical apprenticeships and training.  

The partnership aims to support players in securing electrical apprenticeships with host companies, electrical contractors and New Zealand businesses working in the domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors. 

Wellington Rugby Football Union CEO, Matt Evans, says it is crucial for young athletes to work towards being skilled both on and off the field. 

“We are dedicated to the professional development of our young men and women coming through Wellington Rugby. It's really important that they are creating opportunities for themselves outside of the game, and this partnership supports exactly that.”  

This is a sentiment is shared by ETCO’s CEO, Jeremy Sole. 

“We are thrilled to cement this partnership with WRFU and work together to provide guidance and support for players wanting to plan for “life after rugby” through apprenticeships. It’s an opportunity for them to develop and learn new skills and knowledge in a trade that has a bright future.” 

“This partnership will further help to raise awareness of the many and varied opportunities that exist in the electrical industry, for both men and women,” said Sole. 

Professional Development Manager Ben Sigmund said he was thrilled that ETCO were coming onboard to support player development outside of the game.  

“It’s fantastic the players have another option to work through as a career path. Not just our young players but all players coming through Wellington Rugby can look at this fantastic opportunity.”